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We are gurus in cryptocurrency trading and mining , we decided to add investment opportunities for all in December 2017

  • Mining and investing in various funds and activities
  • Working on implementing exceptional trading methods
  • Offer premium service to our investors
Our company

Our company is backed up by Bitcoin & Etherum market trading, mining and investing in various funds and activities. We are experts and we have established an automatic system which will allow you to make profit substantially.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate and manage these integrated activities professionally and efficiently. Our task is to empower people by bringing effective digital service to everyone at anywhere

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Our company is committed to providing you with secure and stable solutions for investors to build financial success


We do things differently

With Bitcoin’s (Cryptocurrency) popularity and price increasing every day. There is no better period than now to start investing.

When you use FITCOIN TRADE GLOBAL Investment Company, with competent professionals , using the most sophisticated tools, you’ll get the best investment options that you’ll never find anywhere. Join us and start investing today and let FITCOIN TRADE GLOBAL Investment Company assist you to reach your financial objectives

  • High Returns, Low Fees
  • Professional Team
  • Reliable
  • Secure, No Risks
  • Global Earnings
  • Profitability

FCT GLOBAL: We Help Clients To Build Effective Business

we added cryptocurrency trading in 2010 and we decided to add investment opportunities for all in December 2017.

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